Vector Art
Vector Art

What is Vector Art?

Vector Art files are not created as JPEGs, GIFs, and BMP images consisting of a grid of pixels. Instead Illustrations are created by start and end points, curves, angles and lines. Illustrations can therefore easily be enlarged or reduced without any loss of quality and do not pixelate. Therefore, Illustrations are ideal for everything from small logos that are needed for business cards to fill large images and billboards. Illustrations are the industry standard for screen printing, custom textile design and outdoor advertising. Basically, any form and print or reproduction can be implemented without loss of quality.

We create the following vector art

Small Logo

Simple Vector Art are delivered the next business day.

€ 15,00

Left Chest Logo

Complex Vector Art are delivered within 24 to 36

€ 20,00

Jacket Back
Super Complex

Super complex Vector Art are delivered within 24 to 48

Pirce on request


Small changes will be charged. Quick deliveries are also possible. Simple Illustrations are guaranteed delivered within 6 hours. You have the option to order them either by our order form or by sending us an email with the subject line EXPRESS. Once we have your design with us on the system, start the 6 hours. This service costs 15 Euro in addition to the normal price.

In order to create an account with smart punching and your designs upload please click here. Create Account.

To create vector graphics, we use the latest software to provide the best quality and compatibility with your software. These Illustrations are of the highest quality and can be easily edited. These designs can be used for a variety of purposes such as custom textiles, printing, advertising and marketing.

A clean and clear image or vector image of your logo / design is recommended. Among the common image file formats include JPG, GIF and BMP. We also accept TIF, JPEG, and PDF formats. The higher the quality, the better we can implement detailing.

Our goal is providing vector design with excellent quality at reasonable prices. Therefore, quality control is paramount in our operation. We are familiar with all the technical requirements for various materials such as cotton, polyester polo shirts, shirts, fleece, elastic clothes, as well as caps. Before we send you the embroidery, we embroider your design to ensure that the embroidery file runs correctly. Should changes be required, we will revise your design to your liking. Changes are free and will be implemented within four hours. Should it ever happen that you are not satisfied with the embroidery file or the required delivery time limit has been exceeded, we will not charge you for the embroidery program, no questions asked.

.CSD: Format for Poem, Husky Gram, and Singer EU embroidery machines.
.AI: A file format used by Adobe Illustrator software.
.CDR: A file format used by Corel Draw software.
.PSD: A file format used by Photoshop software.
.EPS: A file format used by various software such as Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop (later), CorelDRAW, FlexiSIGN etc.
.PDF: A file format that can be used regardless of what software, hardware or operating system.