Quality Control


The SmartPunching team assesses the complexity of the design, the fabric and the desired purpose of the design before the punching begins. Depending upon the complexity of the design, a Senior or Junior Designer is assigned. A brief discussion of the stitch density and the important elements of design is held with the head of the design team before production begins.

Quality Control

After creating the Embroidery / Vector file , the file is transmitted to the quality control team. They check the design for the smoothness of the design, the colours that have been used, and the general operation of the design. If any errors are found at this stage, the embroidery file is recreated.

Second Quality Control

The design team checks the subtleties and ensures that the thread cutter are correctly programmed and individual customer requests have been integrated into the design. Only when the second QC designer is completely satisfied, the file is sent for smapling.

Sample Embroidering

To ensure high quality in embroidery, SmartPunching embroiders every design to assure ourselves of its operational quality. If any errors occur, the design is re-routed to phase 2.

Final Sending

Only after all these four phases have been completed to our design team’s satisfaction, the design will be sent to you. Our customers can be confident that the embroidery provided will be to your expectations, and is of the highest quality. Should you have any questions or requests, you can always contact us on the details mentioned on our website.