What is Digitising?

Digitising is the creation of programs which can be read and executed by embroidery machines. The construction of the embroidery is performed by the programming of individual part sections of the design. These sections are called objects and describe various parts of the design. These objects are obtained information such as size, shape, colour, sewing order, stitch types, sewing attributes and other embroidery instructions.

We create the following embroideries

Small Logo
Small designs

Less than 4000 stitches will be delivered in less than 24 hours.

€ 15,00

Left Chest Logo
Left Chest Logo

Within 24-36 hours (chest logos are up to a size of 15 cm)

€ 25,00

Jacket Back
Jacket Back

From a size of more than 15 cm, are delivered within 24-48 hours

€ 50,00


Express Deliveries

Express deliveries are also possible. These designs are guaranteed delivered within 6 hours. You have the option to order them either by our order form or by sending us an email with the subject line EXPRESS. Once we have your design with us on the system, start the 6 hours count. This service costs 15 Euro in addition to the normal price. In order to create an account with smart punching and your designs upload please click here.

Our aim is to provide programs that work well but that are also customizable. For this, our employees each use software’s that are compatible with your embroidery machine and software. The embroidery files contain important information, such as on the edges of objects, thread colours, sewing order and so on. Once the embroidery file is read on your embroidery machine, you can start embroidering. Software manufacturers often advertise with features such as "auto punch function" or automated digitization. These can digitize the design but do not guarantee a perfect design. Nevertheless, when a high quality is expected to be a reliable punch partner like Smartpunching is recommended.

A clear and sharp image or vector graphic of your logo or design is recommended. Popular image formats include: JPG, GIF and BMP. Popular vector files are for example: AI, CDR and EPS. The better the quality of the original, the better our puncher can work the details. If there arent any good templates available, our punchers can also improvise for best results. We also accept designs and logos via the link below. Contact us and we will help you efficiently implement your needs.

Our goal is providing embroidery files with excellent quality at reasonable prices. Therefore, quality control is paramount in our operation. We are familiar with all the technical requirements for various materials such as cotton, polyester polo shirts, shirts, fleece, elastic clothes, as well as caps. Before we send you the embroidery, we embroider your design to ensure that the embroidery file runs correctly. Should changes be required, we will revise your design to your liking. Changes are free and will be implemented within four hours. Should it ever happen that you are not satisfied with the embroidery file or the required delivery time limit has been exceeded, we will not charge you for the embroidery program, no questions asked.

.CSD: Format for Poem, Husky Gram, and Singer EU embroidery machines.
.DST: Format for Tajima industrial sewing and embroidery machines.
.EMB: Format for Wilcom software.
.EXP: Format for Bernina and Melco industrial sewing and embroidery machines.
.HUS: Format for Husqvarna / Viking sewing and embroidery machines.
.ISI: Format for Ethos Software.
.JEF: Format for Janome and New Home.
.MLS: Format for Wings Software.
.PXF: Format for Pulse software.
.EMG2: Format for GMI Stilista3.
.ZSK/Z00: Format for ZSK industrial sewing and embroidery machines.
.SEW: Format for Elna, Janome, New Home and Kenmore machines.
.XXX: Format for Singer and Compucon embroidery machines.
.PES: Format for Baby Lock, Bernina Deco, Brother and Simplicity machines.
.OFM: Format for DesignShop-Software
.ZDF: Format for EPCWin-Software
.GIS: Format for BasePac-Software